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We did the hard work for you by screening and interviewing Las Vegas area real estate agents and welcomed just a small group of them into our Las Vegas Real Estate Agent Network.

It’s an invite-only group of agents, who gain access after qualifying through their expertise, experience and excellence.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re glad you asked! Most agents don’t specialize in a specific niche, or only work in a general area and often spend their time trying to attract new listings. You may also have a tough time finding an agent who will want to work with buyers, since to them it can mean “playing tour guide” for days on end looking at endless properties. The agents in our network are committed to working with you as a buyer and will put you first!

No! We can’t stand when companies on the internet say they’ll help you, then turn around and give away your data to 4 different people… who proceed to bombard you with telemarketing calls, texts and emails. We only provide your information to one agent, who comes from our invite-only network of local agents. Then, we let you decide how and when you want to be contacted.

No, there is no cost for you to use our service. We only receive a referral commission for providing our professional service if you purchase a home using your referred agent from our network. And as the buyer in the deal, you’re in luck. In Nevada, the seller usually pays the commission in the transaction.